A simple exercise that will change your life

Most people live in a house. It is so normal that they don’t think about it. For me it has been a new experience, these last two months. I do miss nature. But I was also glad to be between walls, for a change.

Normally I try to be open to the world, because new people and new experiences make my life more interesting. These outside influences help me to explore new territories inside me when I notice how they mirror my inner world, and when I become conscious of how I react to them.

But in the last two months I have been a recluse between four walls, and I have gone even deeper inside myself. I was healing the past, and I was dreaming a new future.

Intuitively I started doing an exercise that helped me a lot, and now I want to share it with you.

I took a piece of paper and wrote on it one simple question: “What do I need to feed myself”?

For me this is a difficult question. I have been brought up in a tradition where you should always be of service to others, especially when you are a woman.

As a teacher, as the owner of a restaurant, as a business coach, I am always thinking about the needs of my clients before I think about my own needs. I am always tempted to put myself last.

So the question ‘What do I need to feed myself?’ is very different from how I normally think about my life. It opens new vistas.

I put this piece of paper down on the ground, and I started writing the answers on other pieces of paper, which I arranged around the paper with the question.

After 2 days I had a whole new roadmap for my life, and it looked like a beautiful work of art. First it looked like a human body, but after I added some new answers it became a tree.

This tree is the basis of my plans for the next years. My vision is complete. And I can hardly wait to get started, because I am so much looking forward to realising all these dreams.

That doesn’t mean that I will be disappointed if in 2, 5 or 10 years I end up in a different place than the one then I am envisioning now. I go with the flow and I see where life is taking me. It will probably be even better than I can imagine now. But now I know where to start.

I will share my dreams with you later this week, with the new moon on Friday. But first I want to aks you to do the exercise. Feel free to share your answers with me, and we can celebrate our new visions together!

PS don’t feel frustrated when the answers do not come right away. We have been conditioned to look outside for answers, not inside, and to think about the wishes of others before we consider our own, and this exercise can be much more difficult than you think. Give yourself time. Or maybe you can find inspiration in my new initiatives, that I will share later this week.

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