Announcing the birth of a new community

Once upon a time there was a musician who was creating something that was innovative, and authentic. It was so new, that he had to go through a transformation himself, before he was ready to share his creations with others.

Kyteman shut himself up for 3 years. Most of the time he had no money, and it was so dark inside his soul, but he wouldn’t give up. Couldn’t give up. It is no coincidence that his album is called “the hermit sessions” and that one of the songs (“Sorry”) is so beautiful that you can’t stop listening to it.

Why did it take him so long to make this album? The answer is simple. If you are in a hurry, you end up copying others. It takes time to create something that has its source in your soul. Something that only you can create. Impatience will only destroy your vulnerable creation, like a small plant that is being crushed under heavy feet.

I am like that musician. I have gone through a long and scary “dark night of the soul” that lasted for about 3 years. It started in December 2017 when I became sick, and when had to leave my beautiful house and garden with the cork tree in Tarifa to come back to the Netherlands, and to sell the campervan.

It ends in December 2020, now, today, when I proudly annonce the birth of my new community. In these 3 years I too have been a hermit. I have been living in nature in tiny houses and a few months in lockdown in Valencia, working and writing every single day: seeking my own truth, finding answers to many questions, facing all my dragons.

Now it is time to give birth to this new community, and to share it with you. But unlike Kyteman’s new album, my community isn’t something that is finished. It truly is a baby. But that doesn’t mean that it is small or insignificant. If you know anything about the Christmas story, babies hold the promise of new beginnings, and they carry the possibility to change the world 😉

But I do not want to burden the baby with this heavy mission. This has been one of my most important insights these last 3 years. If you want to create something to save the world, you are carrying a burden that is far too heavy for you, but you are also passing on that heavy burden to your clients and followers.

Your soul mission and your purpose are not about changing the whole world. It is not even about a new job, or a new business. And yet in this period in history it is more important than ever to listen to your soul and your intuition, and to create new visions that only you can create, and to share them with the world when you are ready.

And that, my sweets, you can only do when you are surrounded by inspiring people who support you, or else your dragons will be too strong for you. Fears and your inner critics will manage to hold you back, if you want to do it all by yourself.

I want to support you to live your “Soulmade Freedom” without having to go through a 3-year dark night of the soul. I want to share the lessons I have learned so you will find your freedom sooner than I did. I want to create a safe environment that is the best nursery ever; one that is warm and friendly and the perfect place to be, and to grow.

On January 13, the day of the new moon, I will share my new community with you. But there is more. I will share tools to uncover your soul mission, and to earn money with it, in a way that is light and fun and creative yes, possibly world changing (but not in the usual sense).

Want to know more? Sign up for this webinar by clicking on the green button. I can hardly wait to see you there!

If you sign up, you should receive a mail to ask you to conform, and then you will receive a mail with the link to the webinar. If you don’t get this mail, please let me know and I will send it to you.

If you do want to join the webinar, but can’t make it live, register anyway and I will send you the recording afterwards.

On this last day of the year I want to wish you a wonderful, magic, abundant, creative, soulful and most of all healthy 2021.


PS Don’t forget to sign up for the webinar on January 13. You can click the link here.

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