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There is still hope for freedom

I have been in locked inside my house in Valencia for 8 weeks and I am more or less ok. Some days there is not so much difference with my life before the crisis: I spend most of my time alone, I work, I do physical exercises and inner work to raise my energy level. […]

The corona crisis as a hero’s journey

I wrote this article last week. As always, I never think too much about what I am going to write. I listen to my intuition and start writing, and before I know it there is a blog. But I have never experienced what happened to me last week. I started writing about the phases of […]

3 stress techniques I learned when I was a cook

If you are sad or lonely or scared or frustrated or angry or whatever- which is all very natural in this period in time – you can use the techniques I share in this video and blog. Click the picture to start the video or read the text under the picture. When I had a […]

How to deal with fear. Lessons from the hero’s journey

We are all facing “The call to adventure” collectively. Click on the picture to watch the video, or read the text under the video Today I did a meditation with Joe Dispenza. He always asks you to surrender to the unknown and to connect to the field of possibilities. Last week this exercise was simple. […]

Trust or fear. Trust and fear

We speak of “fear” like it is just one thing. And we think of fear as a bad thing. While in fact fear takes many different forms. And fear is useful, because it is a signpost to your desires. Your dragons are a green light. They point you in the direction of that which is […]

A roadmap to freedom [video and transcript]

I am going to present you something on which I have been working on for many years. But before I start, let me ask you a question. Click on the image to watch the video If you are a business owner, or a creative professional, or a digital nomad, or you do want to become […]