Your 1-on-1 retreat in Spain and/or 6-months online coaching program is the first step to ultimate freedom

I want to help you build a location independent business that leads to financial freedom, inner freedom and the personal freedom to work where you want, when you want.

Then you will enjoy the ultimate freedom: earning money to support your chosen lifestyle, feeling fulfilled because you share your soul mission, working from home, your office, or in a bar in another country if you become a digital nomad.

Freedom is the end goal of this program, and also the journey. Come to Spain for a 1-on-1 retreat and we will build your freedom business while we sit in the sun, or in a restaurant eating tapas. Or, if you only do the online coaching program, we work together even if we are in different countries.


Who, what, where, when?

We will create a strategy for the content in your business and your marketing for the coming years, that still leaves space for your intuition to take you in new and exciting directions. This strategy will save you a lot of time and mental energy. Instead of procrastinating, you are now using your creativity to reach your goals with more ease and joy.

We relate strategic business choices to the inner journey and vice versa. If you build a business that brings in money but that does not fulfil your soul, you will end up feeling empty or overwhelmed. If on the other hand you do not relate your soul mission to a good business strategy, you might feel fulfilled, but your business will not last long.

I have designed a model that helps you to create a location independent business that balances the outside and the inside journey in your business, your heart and your mind. You will grow as a business leader and your business will grow as well. This model will also help to you become unstuck if you find obstacles in either one of these journeys.

Women face extra challenges on this road to freedom, since we are the first generation in history who can become visible and successful on a large scale. Everything is new to us, while we also carry the burden of transgenerational traumas. We will take care to find your own authentic and creative style, so you become successful on our own terms. This is also freedom.


Practical information

This program has two versions: (1) live 1-on-1 retreat in Spain and (2) a 6 months 1-on-1 online coaching program to build your location independent business. You can do both, or either one of them. If you do both, we will design the strategy in Spain, and I will help you over the next 6 months to implement the strategy and to get clients in your business so you immediately get a return on your investment.

Every program is designed especially for you, so your investment will therefore depend on where we want to work together, how much time you have for the retreat, and on your wishes around the location and other activities. Of course you can deduct this program from your taxable income.

Are you interested, or do you have any questions about this program? Send me a message and we can discuss what the program can do for you, and the details of the program.


I will guard your wellbeing in the program, during the retreat or afterwards, so if you have any problem, you can always contact me and we will find a solution.

Please note that we go on an inner journey, but that I am not a trained therapist. I am however a certified trainer and coach with a lot of experience in helping people go through transformations in a safe and pleasurable way.

Ik heb mezelf het werken met Ellen gegund. Na elk gesprek wist ik wat mijn volgende stap was. Niet omdat ik een opdracht van Ellen kreeg, maar omdat ik het zélf helder voor me zag. Omdat Ellen – door vragen te stellen en héél goed te luisteren- steeds de kern naar boven haalde. Ik leerde formuleren en visualiseren wat ik wil en leerde mijn valkuilen kennen. Ik herken sindsdien steeds beter waar mijn weerstand vandaan komt en weet ook diep van binnen wanneer ik werkelijk productief ben geweest. Vrijheid begint, net als creativiteit, eerst bij jezelf. Daarna komt de rest. En de rest komt niet als je niet eerst die binnenkant grondig durft op te schudden.
Ik sta momenteel ontzettend in de doe-stand en realiseer in rap tempo één voor één mijn voorgenomen plannen. En sommige plannen kieper ik gewoon weer over boord. Nee, dit wil ik helemaal niet, denk ik dan, dat stond alleen maar op mijn lijstje omdat ik dacht dat het zo hoorde. Ik ben nog steeds weleens bang hoor, onwetend of onzeker. Dat gaat niet weg. Maar herken dankzij Ellen mijn patronen, zoals perfectionisme, alles zelf willen doen, uitstelgedrag, controle willen houden, twijfelen aan mijn tarieven.
Ik heb inmiddels diverse sprongen in het diepe en onbekende durven nemen. Tijdens zo’n sprong heb ik dan bijvoorbeeld een tijdelijke verhoogde hartslag, lig ik een halve nacht wakker, heb ik zweethandjes of hakkelende gesprekken of wil ik eerst alle boeken gelezen hebben voordat ik mijn mening durf te verkondigen. Maar ik weet dan altijd één ding heel zeker: dit zijn mijn draken die heel hard vuur spuwen, want ik doe wat ik het liefste wil.


Who am I?

My name is Ellen de Dreu, and I have gone through the transformations to be free at all these levels.  Over the last 7 years:

  • I have built a 6-figure business. I have already helped numerous clients to successfully design a content strategy, coupled with a good marketing and sales plan, and the personal skills needed to become (and to remain) successful.
  • I have become a 50+ solo traveler and digital nomad, first in a ’92 Volkswagen campervan, then and tiny houses in the Netherlands and Spain. I have found the courage to live the life that suits me, always following my intuition, even if this life is not what society expects of me.
  • I have been on a hero’s journey to find inner freedom. I have learned to love my inner dragons, and to let them work for me, not against me. I consciously live from trust and not from fear, letting go of control and the need for outside validation.

And now I want to share it all with you.