Dealing with limiting (but strong!) beliefs around creativity and work

Me: You have to get to work!!!
New me: But I want to cut out the pictures from all these magazines… please?
Me: Not during office hours!!!
New me: But this is also work. I am making illustrations for the new community.
Me: Creativity is not work. It is play.
New me: Says who?
Me: Society, your parents, your school teachers, your inner critics…
New me: But I like creativity. I am hungry for it. And I also need it in my work.
Me: Stop making excuses and go sit behind your computer!!
New me: No, I am going to sit down on the floor next to these magazines. I got them from some very nice people in this town. I want to look at all the pictures and imagine how I can use them to make beautiful illustrations.
Me: You are lazy. First you have to work, and then you can play.
New me: I am not a machine. Besides, when I use my creativity, I get more work done.
Me: Work and play are two separate things. Work is serious stuff. Creativity is not serious, so you shouldn’t waste your time on it.
New me: This morning I was writing my book at 7am. That is also a creative project. Is that work, or play?
Me: Work, because you got up for it at 7am.
New me: I think a lot of what we call work is actually a creative process. And when you try to enhance your creativity, you become better at your work.
Me: Ok, maybe you are right. So you can do something creative, as long as it is useful, and it will bring in some money.
New me: You take all the fun out of it. Creativity shouldn’t be always useful. This way you strangle your intuition.
Intuition: Ah, I am glad you finally notice me. You know what? Stop thinking, follow my voice, and see where it will take us.

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