Follow your dragons, find the treasure, and do one scary thing that will make a huge difference in your business

Free 12-day online journey May 1 – May 12

A heroine’s journey to take action on the one thing that is most important in your business (and that you have been avoiding)

I read somewhere that some women spend 80% of their time thinking about what they could do in their business, without taking action. Incredible, right?

But doesn’t surprise me. For centuries women have learned that it is dangerous to speak up. Our multiple ways to hide our truths have become second nature. Most of the time we are not even aware that we are censuring ourselves.

Our dragons keep us safe. They have names like: inner critics, self doubt, perfectionism, and procrastination. These dragons have a full time job to hold us back, and they are good at it.

There is also good news. Wherever there is a dragon, there is also a castle. Our biggest fears show us the way to our inner wisdom. When you give your dragons a hug, you will find the courage to feel the fear, and to do it anyway.

Say yes to the “call to adventure”:

  • Follow the dragons and find the castle: your unique mission
  • Become a heroine: feel the fear, and take action
  • Support each other to take the leap
  • Start creating something that you have been avoiding
  • Commit to keep moving, one step at the time

Freedom is the destination, and the journey.

In 12 days I will guide you through the 12 steps of the heroine’s journey. With each step you get the chance to listen to your dragons, as they show up in your emotions, thoughts, intuition, and signs from the universe.

Join a community of wise and funny women from all over the world, who will encourage you to take this first step out of your comfort zone, and to make a difference in your business, and in the world around you.