How to deal with fear. Lessons from the hero’s journey

We are all facing “The call to adventure” collectively.

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Today I did a meditation with Joe Dispenza. He always asks you to surrender to the unknown and to connect to the field of possibilities. Last week this exercise was simple. But today I did this meditation and I felt scared. I felt alone in the universe, and insecure: I don’t know what is going to happen.

For me this is a weird experience, because I’ven been through so many crises, and I am used to living alone. I have already lost so much, so what is it that I’ve got to loose.

I can imagine that for a lot of people all over the world this can be really scary. If you have a family or a big house or a lot of obligations, and you loose your job or your business though this corona crisis, you don’t know what is going to happen. The ‘unknown’ is a scary thing to connect with at the moment.

This is where the hero’s journey can help you.

In 1947 Joseph Campbell wrote a book, in which he says that every story has the same structure. He calls it the monomyth, or the hero’s journey. I’m not going to explain the whole hero’s journey to you now. What I want to concentrate on is the first two phases.

Phase 1 is the “Prologue”. It is the beginning of every book and movie. You see a house and a family and you can feel something is going to happen, but you are not sure what.

Phase 2 is called the “Call to Adventure”. The hero or heroine can choose to go on an adventure, to step out of the comfort zone. Or something happens so that they are forced to say yes to this call to adventure, for example when someone is dying or someone looses his job, or when some other unexpected thing happens.

After that nothing is going to be the same anymore.

I can imagine that you recognise the situation where we are in now. We are all facing “The call to adventure” collectively.

The hero’s journey for me is a good exercise to live in the moment. If you are in phase 2 and you look too far ahead, like you look to phase 8 or 11, then you only see the dragons.

This is how we are wired. If we don’t know what is going to happen, we only see the bad things. This is how our system keeps us safe. Unconsciously we prepare for a worst case scenario. But we don’t know what is going to happen. We don’t know if it is going to be true.

If you go on a hero’s journey, of course there will be dragons, but there are also going to be mentors, and good things, and surprises, and you learn new things, and you go through a transformation.

And in the end you will go to phase 12. You will find your holy grail. This is what happens in every hero’s journey.

The lesson from the hero’s journey for me is: don’t look too far ahead. This is a also a spiritual exercise: live in the moment. Take it one day at the time.

This is basically one big “Call to Adventure” and yes, it takes courage to say yes and to go on this journey, but it is also what we humans are made for.

Today I decided that I am going to organise a hero’s journey experience, in which we can go through this process of the hero’s journey together. I can explain more, and give you more tips from this hero’s journey, which is going to help you face all these challenges and all this dragons

Stay tuned.

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