My intuition and the universe in deep conversation (and me listening)

Ellen: where am I going?
Intuition: Valencia
Ellen: why?
Intuition: you will see
Ellen: but I don’t like big cities. I want to live in nature
Intuition: just wait and see
Ellen: that’s funny. Suddenly I have so many new friends in Valencia
Universe: look, here is a beautiful house in Valencia
Ellen: but I don’t like to live in a big city
Intuition: trust the journey
Ellen: I want a coworking and coliving space in nature..
Universe: we are working on it. Patience.
Ellen: …and I miss my friends in Málaga and Tarifa
Universe: I can give you a campsite near Málaga
Ellen: it is too expensive
Universe: see?
Ellen: but I do not like to live in a big city
Universe: here is a perfect house in Valencia
Ellen: I don’t like fireworks
Universe: welcome to the Fallas
Ellen: Wait a minute… I do like to live in Valencia!
Universe: see?
Ellen: I even like the fireworks!
Universe: told you..
Ellen: why do I need to be in Valencia?
Intuition: wait and see
Ellen: I am scared. I don’t know where I will sleep on my birthday in 3 weeks
Universe: trust the journey
Ellen: but please show me where to go. I am scared, and I am impatient
Universe: here you have some more new friends in Valencia
Ellen: that is nice. So do I really want to live in Valencia?
Universe: …..
Ellen: But why?
Intuition: ….
Ellen: I’m waiting….
Universe: I can give you gluten and lactose free cake in town
Ellen: I surrender

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