December 2020

Soften. That is my message for you today. Be kind to yourself. Treat yourself and others with kindness. There is so much going on these days. Corona. Financial worries. Winter. Christmas and all its family and other relational stress. So many dragons show up and they all want to be heard. Astrologically and energetically we are going through a huge transformation, and personally I feel every movement in my body and emotions, and in my head. That is all part of the collective and personal transformation. It shouldn’t bother you too much. The problems only start when you start to believe your thoughts, and when you allow your emotions to sweep you off your feet. But you don’t have to believe your thoughts. You don’t have to go deep in every emotion. It is possible to take some distance and witness everything that is going on. You will survive, and this too will pass. Breath. Soften. Write your diary, because it will make it easier to take this distance when you can get your thoughts out of your head, and onto paper. Do some painting, start dancing in your living room, go out into nature to move the energy and not let it get stuck. And last but not least try to enjoy being able to witness this amazing time in history.

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