Soul or security? Trust or fear? Intuition or structure?

We humans are amazing creatures. We have a body. We have thoughts, and emotions, and two nervous systems. We have a soul and our spirituality to connect us to the collective field, and we have an intuition as a GPS to our soul.

So far so good. But we also have a very old part of the brain, that has one very important function: to keep us alive. This reptilian brain is only concerned with security.

The soul wants to grow, and to transform, but the reptilian brain doesn’t like that. At. All.

When we become conscious, we find that we have the ability to choose. We can build a life that is safe and predictable. This life makes our reptilian brain very happy. Or we can build a life that is adventurous and full of growth. “Hurray”, shouts the soul. “Finally! Action!”

Our conscious mind usually starts to grow when we live through a traumatic period in our lives. When we get a divorce, or when we loose our jobs, we start to see that it means that we have less security, but it also means that people who have the courage to grow in consciousness also have the freedom to start a new life.

This process to become more conscious gives us more freedom. We can choose to follow our soul, or we can choose security. We can go traveling, or we can work hard to save a lot of money. We can keep the job and the 30-year relationship that has stopped being fun 25 years ago, or we go on an adventure.

But you know what we often forget? It is that our consciousness and our soul need daily reminders. If we build a new and adventurous life, and we forget all about choice because unconsciously we let our reptilian brain rule our lives again, we end up in the same life that we left. Predictable. And boring.

No risks, but also no growth. Our soul goes to sleep again.

You think that is no problem? But it is! When you let your reptilian brain rule your life, you end up feeling empty. You have money in the bank, sure, but this money will never fill the blank space in your chest where your soul used to live.

Or, even worse, you end up living someone else’s life. Since a nephew of Freud went to the US to help marketeers of big companies, they all learned how to trigger your reptilian brain, and to make you want to buy the stuff they are selling, so you have to sell your soul to the devil to earn enough money to pay for it all.

You need to have some soul in your life, or you will have no idea of what makes life worth living. Life becomes a series of predictable steps between birth and death, and your life has no significance. No purpose.

That is no life.

And that is why I created the Soulmade Freedom Community.

During my 6- year hero’s journey, I learned that it is actually not an either-or question. We need both. We need security AND soul. We need trust AND fear. We need structure AND we need our intuition to navigate us through life, so that our life becomes worth living.

In a webinar on January 13 I will share practical tools to navigate our soul, our brain, emotions and spirituality, so that you will find Soulmade Freedom and build the best life ever in 2021.

Are you coming? If you can’t join on this date, sign up, and I will send you the recording afterwards.

You can sign up for the webinar here!

I hope to see you then!


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