I have never been so slow in my business as in this last year. I work every day, but looking at the output of my business, you wouldn’t notice it.

My ego has an idea about it and is telling me stories that I am slow, or stupid, or both. My bank account and financial advisors have opinions too, although they are slightly more polite.

But my inner self has a very different story to tell. So there are basically two different and mutually exclusive stories around my slow progress.

In this other story I can see that have traveled through the underworld, and I have faced many old dragons. Some of them were worse than I suspected before I accepted the challenge to face and to heal them, after I opened up the Pandora box by writing my book.

In this scenario, I am remarkably quick at recovering. I have done most of the healing myself, and I made an enormous progress, mostly because I follow my own intuition and because I write every day (which I learn now is essential in any healing process, and which has done wonders for my work as well).

At the same time I have been going through many transformations that others refer to as the ‘ascension process’. I never feel comfortabel speaking about it because I don’t know what to think, but when I hear others talk about it there is a lot of recognition and we share the same emotional and physical symptoms, which are very hard to ignore.

In this second story I can be proud of myself, because I have also been working every day, without taking holidays. I have been working on a new paradigm about how we can live and work in a better way: better for us, better for the people around us, and better for the planet.

I have been working on models and practical exercises and a new way of thinking that help my clients go through their transformations faster that I have done. I have designed a whole new paradigm. Of course that takes time. I have been very quick 😉

This is how the second story goes, which is better for my ego. But as you may know, all stories are constructs. We use stories to make sense of our lives, and all stories are true, and none of them are true. We are good als long as we don’t take them too seriously. Far better to stay in the moment.

So, back to some facts. In these last 2 months I have made an exciting plan, which includes a bus, a purple chair, a dog, nature and a community (see this video if you don’t know what I am talking about).

Yesterday I have finished a new program, and I am so terribly proud that I can now present it to you. This you can believe, because I am feeling it right now, and feelings are always true.

So here goes with a big tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa: The Souldragonflies Inner Circle is now live! And I couldn’t be more happy.

Look here for all the details about this program, and let me know when we can call so I can tell you more and you can decide if you want to join. It is very affordable, so money shouldn’t be the problem, and the rewards are amazing. And it is going to be great!

Send me a message soon, because I have a beautiful bonus for the first 5 people who become a member of this Inner Circle. You will pay far less, as my welcoming gift to you.

Last week I have also tweaked the Camino del Soul program, which I can also highly recommend. Best news of all: this program makes for a perfect combination with the Souldragonflies Inner Circle, and also with the bus and the love seat (which I will present you when I have bought the bus).

For now you can just decide to do the two programs. Ok, one of them is also good 😉

With a big hurray, acceptance, fun and tons of love, I wish you a happy week and I can’t wait to speak to you soon. Best of all, I can’t wait to go on this journey together!


PS1: It is my intention that the best part of my life is yet to come. Feel welcome to come and join me, so we can have fun together while of course also doing some very important work.

PS2: You can find the Dutch version of the Camino del Soul here.

PS3: I am going to start a new campfire now.

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