The best advice ever

If there is one advice that I can give to every business owner (and people wanting to be a business owner) is this.

Start a diary.

Start today.

Start writing down your thoughts, your worries, emotions, ideas (big and small, old and new), happy moments, the weather, the conversations during the evening when you drank too much wine or not enough.

Keep a diary of the clients you work with. Write down their questions. Write down the answers you give them and that are surprising even to you.

Start a quest for the meaning of a concept that is dear to you and write about it every day. For example, think about freedom. What does it mean to you? Why is it important? How do you get more freedom? See how your thoughts transform into a new vision. Your own vision, that is, not a copy of someone else’s.

Start writing about a new and exciting project that scares the hell out of you because it is so new and exciting. Simply write about it, so you become used to it, without burdening it with perfectionism or other expectations.

Of course you don’t have to write. You don’t have to listen to this advice.

But what happens if you don’t make time for reflection?

Then you will simply follow the guidelines that others give you. In earlier days that was the priest or the politician. Now it is businesses wanting to sell you something on the internet.

Writing a diary helps you to create a life that suits you perfectly, because you remind yourself every day what is important to you.

On the days when you don’t feel good, writing a diary helps you to get some emotional distance from your worries. That can even help prevent a depression.

Writing connects you to your soul. And it is your soul who is guiding you to do the things in your life that matter most, and that are therefore scary.

So? Have you started already?

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