The corona crisis as a hero’s journey

I wrote this article last week. As always, I never think too much about what I am going to write. I listen to my intuition and start writing, and before I know it there is a blog.

But I have never experienced what happened to me last week. I started writing about the phases of the hero’s journey I went through during this corona crisis, and I was following my own process while I was writing. I ended at stage 7: the initiation.

And then I thought: “I wonder what phase 8 will be”. Phase 8 is: “the crisis”.

Less than an hour later I got a telephone call from my sister. My father had been diagnosed with corona disease. He died two days later.

I could not go to his funeral because I am in lockdown in Spain, but there was a live stream. This was a weird experience in more than one sense. A few years ago I had made a short movie about an online funeral, during a theater festival. I was the hit of the festival and everyone was laughing, because we thought that this was never going to be a reality. Who could have guessed…

I want to share this article with you, because it also is an invitation for a 12-day free online training that takes place from May 1st til May 12th. Intuition will also be an important subject during this journey.

If you need more information, you can read the text on my website.

I write in my journal every day. It helps me to look at my life from a distance, so that I am not swept away by every dark emotion or negative thought. It helps me to trust life, despite what is happening around me.

It helps me even more when I see myself as a heroine in a ‘hero’s journey’ (the concept designed by Joseph Campbell). When you feel like a heroine and you do meet a dragon, it is not the end of the world, but simply a cliff hanger. You know that somewhere, somehow, there will be a happy end, and one of your dragons will marry a donkey.

I see this corona crisis also as a heroine’s journey. So far I can see that I am in phase 7 (now 8).

Phase 1: prologue. First is didn’t take this corona thing too seriously. I knew that in a country far far away people were dying of a virus, but I didn’t think it would influence my life.

Phase 2: call to adventure. When on a Saturday the Spanish government suddenly put the whole country in quarantaine, I started to pay attention. I was confused by the rapid changes. I went to the shops and bought enough food for two weeks.

Phase 3: fear and resistance. I became scared: not so much for myself, but for the people around me. I was envisioning that someone I know would die of this disease, alone, surrounded by people in white suits, and this idea frightened me. I made Facebook posts and live videos to voice my compassion, and to tell everyone to please take care.

Phase 4 the mentor: In the next phase I became very tired. Some people got mad at me for talking about fear, and I realised that I could save no one. So I had to let go. I focused on restoring my energy by meditating and dancing. I found my mentor: I asked everyone to send me pictures and videos of nature, so I could still enjoy what I missed most during the lockdown.

Phase 5: the point of no return. Slowly I started to realise that this virus wasn’t going to go away. I accepted the situation for what it was. I took notice of what I missed most, and what is really important to me: nature, freedom, trust, and also fear and dragons; not as something to run away from, but as our intuitive guides to the people and things that are most important to us, and to our soul.

Phase 6: a new world. In this phase I see two things happening at the same time (which is the essence of this phase: mythological help, and dragons). There is suffering, and an increased power of governments over the population. And at the same time there is a new consciousness. I feel that a ‘feminine’ wisdom is emerging. Now I consciously decide to envision a new life, in nature, with a group of inspiring people who spread freedom, and who make a difference.

This morning I entered phase 7: the initiation. I start to realise that this global transformation is a turning point in which we can make new choices, but that we also have to learn new skills. Do we want to go back to “business as usual” or are we going to think about new ways of connecting to nature, to the economy (in a way that it is not destructing nature), to each other, and to our own inner world? Can we build our business in a different and healthier way?

And I realise that this is something I can do. I can hold a space where we can go on an adventure together: a journey in which we look for old ‘feminine’ wisdom and apply it to a new world. We can say yes to this “call to adventure” together. We don’t know where we will go to, but that is ok. First we say yes, and then we take one step at the time.

Will you join me?

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