This is exciting, and scary, and fun

I am so excited. And I am so scared.

Excitement and fear go hand in hand, and it is as it should be. When dragons show up, they tell you that is important what you are doing, because they tell you that your heart is in it.

I have been working so long to create a community, and on January 13 2021 I am going to launch it, in a webinar. I am so excited.

But dragons also show up. I have been working on it for so long. And now it is here. And frankly, I am terrified, and full of irrational fears.

Most entrepreneurs would never admit that they are scared. But when I am hiding behind a mask when I am talking to you, how can I ever invite you to open up to me in my programs, or during our coaching sessions, or in this community?

In fact, running away from our fears is one of the biggest obstacles to succes, as I will show you in the webinar on January 13.

What I do when I am excited slash scared, is that I take baby steps. So I am launching my new community, step by careful step, but I am not banging on any drums.

Maybe I should shout it from the roof tops. Maybe I should hire not only a drummer, but a whole orchestra to launch this community.

Maybe I should have shouted at you in my last blogs. That the name of this new community is “Soulmade Freedom”. That I have a beautiful logo, and the perfect idea for a photo shoot, so I will look perfect.

But I won’t. I am not perfect, and there is already too much shouting going on in the world around us, especially on the internet, by people who try to sell you something.

I come to you on soft slippers, with my excitement and my fears hanging from my shoulders like the wings of an angel, and I am whispering:

“Hey, I so much want to share this new community with you. I want to invite you to come to the webinar so you will get a taste of it. It will be great. It will be fun. It is new, and it is creative.

And I want you to come, because this is my gift to you, and I can’t wait for you to open this present. I have found so many treasures during my journey and you will have a taste of them all.

And I want to tell you why I built this community, and the transformations that I have gone through to create it, and why I think this is important when we look at the transformations going on in the world around us.

Will you come? If you can’t make it live, I will send you a recording afterwards, but only if you sign up.

You can sign up here!

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