Trust or fear. Trust and fear

We speak of “fear” like it is just one thing.
And we think of fear as a bad thing.
While in fact fear takes many different forms.
And fear is useful, because it is a signpost to your desires.

Your dragons are a green light.
They point you in the direction of that which is most important to you.
So if you push away fear, you loose sight of this important sign post.
And if you push away fear, you push away other emotions as well.

For example: you have fear of dying.
That is a healthy emotion, because it makes you aware of your reasons for living.
Or you are afraid for the competition in your line of work.
That is also a healthy emotion, because it makes you conscious of that what makes you unique.

People confuse fear with panic.
But panic is when fear overwhelms us and we can’t think anymore.
But it doesn’t have to be that way.
You can feel fear and still let it not overwhelm you.

The difference between tear and panic is the amount of consciousness.
If you feel panic, your whole being is fear.
But if you feel fear, and you are conscious that you are afraid, then you are not overwhelmed.
You can feel an emotion and be aware that you feel the emotion at the same time.

So you can: (1) feel the fear, or any other emotion (2) be aware that you feel these emotions and (3) take a conscious decision from that awareness. And then don’t forget to (4) appreciate your dragons (fears) for keeping you safe and pointing you in the direction of your desires.

If you are able to deal with your dragons in a healthy way, it is far more easy to trust.
If you push away fear, fear will only become bigger.
But if you allow fear to be there, and still be conscious around it, then you can also consciously decide to trust life.

It sounds simple, but it takes practice. Well, it’s not like we are going anywhere these coming weeks, so we do have every opportunity to do just that….

I am organising “online Tertulia” meetings in the coming weeks around the hero’s journey, because I think it will be a useful tool to help you navigate the challenges that are facing you. Let me know if you want to join and I will send you all the details.

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