We have the courage to follow our intuition (and that is why we need each other)

We both lead an unconventional life. We met in 2018, in a restaurant on the beach. And now we meet again, again on the beach. Similar circumstances, but so much has changed.

We have continued to grow, and to transform. We have the courage to follow our intuition and the voices of our higher self, independent of what others think of us. We are finding our feminine power, in a society that has put a lot of shame and guilt and fears on this power.

Anja Duijves has been living as a nomad for the last 14 years. She gave up her job, and her house, and she has been moving from house to house ever since. I have been living as a nomad for 5 years.

Over the last years we have had many telephone conversations, and we shared so much about our intuition, our fears, and our quest to find new ways of being in this world.

If you lead an unconventional life, like we do, you face rejection by people who want you to be the same as them, or who feel threatened by your sense of freedom, and who want to tell you how to live your life. That makes it all the more important to meet with other women who are just as intuitive or unconventional as you are, to keep the balance.

This is exactly why I am building my community. But yesterday we took a day off, to celebrate life, to enjoy the sun and the beach, and to enjoy each other’s company.

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